General Instruction for Teachers

Physical punishment, by no means should be used as a tool for discipline.

Never use sarcastic remarks to humiliate students in class.

Reach school/class in time and there should be no idling in the class.

Mobile phone is not allowed in the class.

All test conducted should be shown to the students within 1-3 days.

No leave will be sanctioned during examinations.

In case of casual leave, submit your written application on the reporting day.

Late arrival will amount to half day’s leave.

Make sure all your documents have been submitted to the school and update your address/ phone number in case of change at any time.

You are not supposed to keep your personal belongings in the locker provided by the school.

No school document or register should ever be carried home.

Submit all assignments in time.

All written records/ registers should be made and maintained neatly and correction free.

If you are using school transport, overseeing discipline and safety is also your duty.

Advance sanction of leave is mandatory except in extraordinary activity.

You are expected to independently conduct at least one co-curricular activity.

There should never be any direct or indirect indication to the student to engage tuition.

Teachers are not supposed to receive any gifts or personal favors from students or their parents.

Male teachers should wear services dress, PTIs track suit or white uniform menial staff in specified school uniform. Teachers are not supported to wear casual in the school.

Never use foul or unparliamentarily language to address the students.

At the time of dispersal, you should be the last one to leave the class. Teachers are also supported to accompany their classes on assembly days.

When you are in the class , be observant for unusual conduct or situation , such as a sick or distribution student in the fort of you. If so, do necessary probe and talk to the student after class.

Take necessary actions at the appropriate time if you see any student frequently absent, not attending school for more than 3 days or not paid school fee. If the fee has not been paid for the whole month or the students is absent of successive days, name of the students will be struck off on the last working days in consolation with the vice principal.

Entries in the report cards should be made immediately after you receive marks. Need not wait until all result received . report card any register entries, Should be neat and eraser/ whitener free.

Check parents signature before collection the report card.

You need to flow up if a student’s skips a scheduled test/exam without prior permission.

Class teacher should not allow any new student in the class unless she is satisfied that the student has taken admission and is in possession of the receipt.

Ensure that lights and fan are switched off at the end of last period.

Go through the circulars file thoroughly to know rules and regulations in details.

Satisfy of the students should be given the highest priority.