General Instruction for Students

Loitering on the way when coming to school or returning home is totally discouraged. Students are answerable to school authorities for their conduct inside and outside the school.
Hence misbehavior at public place is enough for dismissal of a student from School. Students should observe polite standard wherever they go. They should always remember that the school is judged by their conduct.

Students should reach the school five minutes before the first bell.

The school will not be responsible for anything lost. Students are advised not to bring expensive articles in the school.

No students will be allowed to leave the school premises during the class hours.

Any damage done by a pupil to building, library, furniture, apparatus, or any other school property will have to be compensated by their guardian / parents.

The home work assigned to the pupil by the teacher should be done regularly and Systematically.

Students should be neatly dressed. The school uniform is to be worn every day and during all school functions.

Students are bound to obey their class monitors.

Celebration birthday in school is prohibited.

Every student is bound to follow the rules of the school.

In view of the recent surge in Covid-19 cases in the national capital, Delhi government has issued Standard Operating Procedure to curb the spread of Covid infection in schools. The SoP outlines various precautionary measures to be adopted in schools to prevent the spread of Covid-19 infection.

As per the guidelines, Head of Schools are advised to ensure that all the eligible students, teaching and non-teaching staff, as well as support staff of the school, is vaccinated and it should be done at the top priority.

They have been asked to ensure that all students and guests wear masks and also ensure regular sanitization of the school premises and adequate availability of thermal scanners, disinfectants, sanitizers, soaps and masks.

The Head of School is also advised to use all the entry and exit gates of the school building to avoid crowding at the time of entry and exit of students. No student, teacher, staff or guest should be allowed to enter the school premises without proper thermal scanning. Compulsory hand sanitization at the entrance of the school, classroom, labs and public utility should be ensured. Students, staff or guests showing covid symptoms should not be allowed to enter the school campus.

The government has also asked the schools to guide students to avoid sharing lunch and stationery items.

Parents have been advised that if the child or any of the family members shows COVID symptoms, they should not send the child to the school. At the time of taking morning attendance, the teacher will daily ask the students about the COVID-related symptoms in the students or in their family members.

The school authorities have been asked to ensure physical distancing at all times and discourage any guest visit. In addition to this, they are required to have a quarantine room, in case of emergency.