Aims and Objective


Motto - वीणा वादिनी वरदे |
"Man Should believe in action and not in the reward for action."

The main aim of the school is to develop the hidden qualities and talent of students by providing them conducive environment.

Emphasises laid on interactive learning process rather than cramming.

Objectives of the Institution is not only limited to the quality education but also to develop a balanced all round personality of the students.

School facilitates child friendly environment to flourish their latent qualities and enable them to build up their career.


Making decision on the basis of objectives & target the divisions towards results.

Change ourselves for changing the world around.

High achievements in team work of high expectations.

Investing time (Create 48 hours out of 24 hours to meet the growing competition).

To develop the mind without fear and make it a secret enclosure.

Single minded focus to move ahead successfully.

To blend education & experience with inspiration.

Global vision i.e.looking the old landscapes with new eyes.